Our Vision for STARS

STARS Academy embraces the belief that there is something good in every day. We provide a superior therapeutic environment that fosters individual treatment for each child and family, building the foundation for their future success story.

Our Values

  • Positivity


    - To encourage positive behavior and positive communication

    - To implement the No Complaining rule

    - To produce Admin/Supervisors who embrace and model positivity

  • Purpose


    - To know and promote the STARS Academy Vision

    - To help define each employee's "why"

    - To hold each other accountable to the Vision and Values 

  • Communication

    - To implement the No Complaining rule

    - To require Admin/Supervisors to foster trust with employees so that       employees feel comfortable sharing their complaints and ideas

    - To have a process for employees to share ideas, complaints, solutions

    - To listen, to care about each other, and to seriously consider all ideas 

  • Empowerment


    - To encourage and provide avenues for employees to feel empowered

    - To celebrate new ideas, successes, and then share

    - To encourage individual independence

  • Adaptability


    - To model and embrace the act of being open-minded

    - To implement the No Complaining rule

    - To have Admin/Supervisors foster the "get to" mindset

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