Career Opportunities

  • Early Childhood Developmental Specialist (ECDS): An ECDS must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree plus a current Arkansas Certification in Early Childhood Special Education, or a current Child Development Associate Certificate, or 12 hours of completed college courses in one of the following areas: early childhood, child development, special education/elementary education or child and family studies and documented experience in working with children with special needs. The ECDS is responsible for ensuring treatment plans are carried out, assessing patients, developing lesson plans, implementing lesson plans as well as maintaining a positive, safe emotional climate for patients.

  • Early Childhood Developmental Technician (ECDT): An ECDT must have a high school diploma or GED. An ECDT works alongside an Early Childhood Developmental Specialist (ECDS) in infant/toddler/preschool classroom settings. Techs help maintain a safe, positive, and loving classroom environment that is conducive to helping patients achieve success.

  • Van Rider: A van rider must have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible for hire. Van riders are responsible for assisting the van driver with safe transport of patients to and from the clinic in clinic owned vehicles. After the van rider completes morning routes they transition to a classroom setting to assist the ECDS and ECDT.